if only

you could have seen her purest form

i caught a glimpse

that morning

the day when we fled

an intricate barrier

to ensure our freedom

if only

for another day

to dwell upon

her cold, idyllic death

would surely bring my own

but still i looked back

as we ran

as we knew

there was no turning back

as we ran

as she knew

there was no coming back

the hunter

blinded and stunned as her essence

rests as the morning dew

spread far and wide


as bitter winds preserve the miracle

mesmerizing death

with her form

now seducing the sunlight

radiating through her soul


filling her ethereal womb

knowing that her beauty will not last

as the winds subside

like the tears we cried

she seeps into the ground

lost forever

they told us

"suicide breeds pain

for the ones who remain

you selfish, spineless slime"

the truth, which we are dying to expose

this pain is older than our minds

if only

you could have seen her purest form

if only

her sacrifice were not necessary

if only

for another day

if only

if only

you could have seen her purest form

i caught a glimpse

©2022 bloodfiredoom records limited

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