a portal has opened

before my eyes

horror pervading

boiling my mind

the portal is open

it is not for me

shards of light

spilling out into my presence

dancing as if to worship their combining form

floating in front of me, staring into my eyes

without a word

intentions are clear

as it penetrates my chest

i feel it

swimming in my blood

i feel it

pumping through my heart

i sense it

binding to my brain

what have i done?

am i possessed?

i am possessed


twisted visions

of what is to be

our species dying without a whimper


sweat and fever

i can no longer hear

as i writhe

encircled, by a billion fiery hands

our past - their future

now scrawled upon my eyes

humanity irradiated

blotting out the sun

you are hell, the burden

burning in our lungs

no blood

no wounds

only fire and smoking remnants

of the parasitic, suicidal race

a dimension to never possess consciousness


as quickly as it came

and created such strong bonds

the entity was gone

drifting in ashes

with my body now relinquished

and my mind feels anew

my heart is grieved

©2022 bloodfiredoom records limited

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