prisms, part I: fading, dying

upon my return

i stumbled across the stepped landscape

the night, coaxed to release its grip, was scorned by my presence

the clouds, chasing the breaking light

in passing, the ghostly wisps gently pry to know what was shown

there were two beings

the first, revealed that i had been deceived

the other, i could not recognize it for what it was

some call it god

some call it a lie

some can only call it a mystery, experienced through ages and across worlds

i chose to not call it by name, but to action

quickly, confusion vanished along with my sense of self

the mystical became familiar

in the dearth of divinity, once assumed

i found an acuity of vision without eyes

my delusions incinerated

the message - simple

the light shown upon us is beyond our control

it is the light filtered and reflected back that we choose

gazing from beyond

our collective, chaotic spectrum is observed as a beam of fading, dying light

but upon its dispersion, observers gasp, appalled by our beauty

these are songs of light and its absence

©2022 bloodfiredoom records limited

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