This space was created as a conduit for my work in photography and music to reach whoever needs to see and hear it.

Why Lament?

There have been times in my life that I wish others could have experienced.  My art is a lamentation of the futility to recreate and express those ineffable moments, which are etched only in my memory and subconscious.

My photography focuses primarily on nature, weather, and landscape, but I will shoot whatever speaks to me.  In the springtime, I will travel across the country to chase storms.  I seek to capture the rarest of light filtered by the fearsome, destructive powers of earth's atmosphere.

My music focuses on the esoteric, psychedelic, and extreme.  My early work is a catharsis and rebuke of a culture not meant for me.  

My current projects are free from anger and resentment, but the energy is constant, if not more intense.

While I can't guarantee you will enjoy or appreciate my work, I do hope it moves you to sink within yourself and escape this grand illusion, if only for a moment.  If you feel compelled, please purchase some photo prints from my portfolio page or some merch from my bandcamp.





May you find and maintain balance.